Summer Camp Secrets Series

Summer Camp Secrets is a series of novels set during the same summer at Camp Pine Haven for Girls. Some girls love camp, and some girls hate it. Some make lifelong friends, and others make surprising and sometimes painful personal discoveries. Bug juice, cold showers, and shortsheeted bunks await the girls of Camp Pine Haven. Since no two girls experience summer camp the same way, each book features a different 12-year-old girl with her own story to tell.

For readers 8 to 12


Summer Camp Secrets: Pranked

Kelly Hedges is convinced she'll be totally friendless all summer. But on the first day of camp, she meets Melissa who turns out to be nice. She's also terminally boring. Kelly's much more interested in Reb and Jennifer, the so-called Evil Twins. How did they get that nickname anyway? And why don't they like Melissa? And how far will Kelly go to be friends with these ultimate cool girls?


Summer Camp Secrets: Acting Out

Judith Duckworth hates her name. She can hardly wait to get to camp where nobody knows her. She can tell everyone to call her JD instead of Judith. But she doesn't just need a new name. She could also use a complete personality makeover. At camp, maybe JD can finally be the type of girl who gets noticed. All she has to do is put on a new act. And then keep it up for the whole summer.


Summer Camp Secrets: Friends Fornever

Darcy Bridges is so excited to spend her third summer at camp with her BFF Nicole. But this summer, things aren't the same. Darcy's family life is much happier now than when she and Nicole first met. Now Nic seems almost mad that things are going so well for Darcy. It doesn't help that their friends Sarah and Whitney are also having a major friendship crisis. While Darcy tries to give Sarah advice, she has to figure out how to keep from losing her own best friend.


Summer Camp Secrets: Tug-of-War

Chris Ramirez can’t wait to see Maggie, her best friend from last summer at camp. But this summer, Chris has brought along Devon, her best friend from home. Devon and Maggie couldn’t be more different. And the second her two best friends meet, they can’t stand each other. So now Chris is caught in the middle. Can she stay friends with Maggie and Devon, or will they both end up driving her crazy?


Summer Camp Secrets: Fearless

Jordan Abernathy wants to show everyone that she’s brave enough to jump her horse this summer. It helps that her best friend Molly is cheering her on, but she wishes her older sister Madison wasn’t constantly judging her every move. And then there’s that blue sheet of paper Jordan keeps hidden away—its announcement makes her excited and nervous at the same time. Will she crumble under all the pressure this summer? Or learn to face her fears head-on?


Summer Camp Secrets: Rumors

Kayla Tucker hates being stuck at camp while her family is busy moving. From the first day, she’s shocked by how quickly rumors spread through camp, and soon she is one of the victims. Kayla tries to ignore all the gossip, but she and her new friends Laurel-Ann and Shelby think they know who’s responsible. Then Kayla realizes that discovering the real source isn’t all that easy. Untangling this web of rumors may take the whole summer.